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Trump Offers To Release Medical Records

Published on 2016-08-29 23:12:41.
Website: Frank Davis

Breitbart: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump challenged Hillary Clinton to release detailed medical records, as he continues to raise questions about her ability physical ability to serve as president. “I think that both candidates, Crooked Hillary and myself, should release … Continue reading →

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Decent People

Published on 2016-08-29 19:15:00.
Website: Dick Puddlecote

Think what you like about Nigel Farage, but last week he lobbed a glorious word grenade into the US Presidential debate.
"Anything is possible if enough decent people are prepared to stand up against the establishment"Now, I really haven't had time recently to analyse the US political scene (you may have noticed it's been quiet here) so this isn't a post about the rights or wrongs of the Trump campaign, more how perfect that sound bite is when applied to politics in general, and especially what we speak about here.

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Results of New Study Refute E-Cigarette Gateway Hypothesis as Well as Claim that Youth Vaping is Re-Normalizing Smoking

Published on 2016-08-29 09:48:00.
Website: The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary

The results of a new study published late last week in the journal Tobacco Control strongly refute the hypothesis that e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking and that vaping is re-normalizing smoking among youth.

(See: Miech R, Patrick ME, O'Malley PM, Johnston LD. What are kids vaping? Results of a national survey of US adolescents. Tob Control. Published online ahead of print on August 25, 2016. doi: 10.1136/tobaccocontrol-2016-053014.)

The study reports results from the 2015 Monitoring the Future survey, as study of a nationally representative sample of U.S. youth in grades 8, 10, and 12. The sample size was approximately 15,000.

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145-Year-Old Chainsmoker

Published on 2016-08-28 23:10:35.
Website: Frank Davis

And the next oldest, Jeanne Calment, was also a smoker. Says it all, really.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: tobacco+

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An Army Of Utter Bastards

Published on 2016-08-27 23:22:29.
Website: Frank Davis

New Zealand: A lawyer is arguing that subjecting psychiatric patients to nicotine withdrawal lengthens their confinement in institutions. The Supreme Court will hear an appeal in the long-running battle by psychiatric patients to overturn the smoking ban at state-owned health … Continue reading →

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A Zombie Candidate With Undead Bodyguards

Published on 2016-08-26 23:06:56.
Website: Frank Davis

Hillary Clinton’s health has been coming under intense scrutiny recently, with several doctors – including Dr Ben Carson – calling for  the release of her medical history and/or a medical examination. Today the Drudge Report headlined a photo of her … Continue reading →

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Those new drinking guidelines in full

Published on 2016-08-26 07:00:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

I've created a handy slide to summarise the Chief Medical Officer's new drinking guidelines...

Admittedly it doesn't cover everything in the report - there's some guff based around a fantasy computer model that bears no resemblance to real world data in there as well - but this is the only quote you'll need next time 'public health' activists say that we need more b

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UKIP Calls For Smoking In Pubs

Published on 2016-08-25 23:06:10.
Website: Frank Davis

H/T commenter Sheldon for this Express article: ‘Bring back the GREAT BRITISH PUB’ UKIP wants to reduce alcohol taxes and allow smoking AFTER leading the successful campaign for Brexit, Ukip is embarking on another crusade – to bring back the … Continue reading →

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Alcohol guidelines in post-truth Britain

Published on 2016-08-25 13:54:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

I've got an article at Spectator Health about a couple of new studies looking at moderate alcohol consumption that come to the usual conclusion.

Bearing in mind that [Sally] Davies claimed in January that whatever health benefits she grudgingly accepted only applied to old people, let’s look at the conclusion:
Our findings are generally consistent — especially for younger women — with an accumulating body of research demonstrating positive associations between moderate alcohol use and health, even after accounting for abstainer bias.Looks like another two studies can be added to the massive body of evidence showing the same thing.

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New Study Shows Dramatic Reduction in Toxicant and Carcinogen Levels in Smokers Who Switch to E-Cigarettes

Published on 2016-08-25 11:51:00.
Website: The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary

A new study out of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute has demonstrated that smokers who switch to e-cigarettes experience an immediate and drastic reduction in their levels of carcinogens and toxins. This reduction is seen as early as one week after making the switch to e-cigarettes and for some toxins, increases further at two weeks. Subjects were not followed longer than two weeks to determine whether these levels drop further after that point.

The study measured urine levels of 17 biomarkers of tobacco smoke exposure in 20 adult smokers, before and after they switched (partially or completely) to e-cigarettes.

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People Against Sugar Tax

Published on 2016-08-25 11:10:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

A deranged Corbynista with a double digit Twitter following has spent five minutes on Google and written an ignorant and libellous blog post about a small pressure group called People Against Sugar Tax of which I was briefly on the advisory board.

The group was created a while ago by a guy called Brook Whelan with a strict policy of not accepting donations from industry. That is made clear on the website. Nevertheless, our left-wing friend has decided that the group is 'corporate astroturf' on the basis that Brook works in 'communications' (marketing, I believe) and the unpaid board members have links with the evil Conservative party. Alex Deane even defends vaping. Vaping!

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Dick Out And About: Letter From America

Published on 2016-08-24 17:20:00.
Website: Dick Puddlecote

About a month ago I was politely emailed by an author of a US vape vendor blog asking if I'd be willing to do a short Q&A.

It's not the kind of thing I normally do but the questions showed good knowledge of this place, were quite interesting, and the vendor is based in Anaheim California which seems to me to be a pretty disastrously unlucky accident of location. So I took some time out to clunk the keys and produce a few responses.

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Anti-Tobacco Researcher: Cardiovascular Effects of E-Cigarettes are Nearly as Big as Smoking

Published on 2016-08-24 13:58:00.
Website: The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary

Dr. Stan Glantz has posted a commentary on his blog in which he asserts that the results of a paper published earlier this summer in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology demonstrate that "the [cardiovascular] effects of e-cigarette use are nearly as big as smoking."

Dr. Glantz nicely summarizes the major study results: "One of the many ways that smoking damages the cardiovascular system is by stiffening major blood vessels. How stiff the aorta (the big vessel leading directly out of the heart) is can be measured by how fast the pressure wave moves down the aorta, the pulse wave moving faster when the aorta is stiffer. Following use of an e-cigarette for just 5 minutes, the pulse wave velocity increased by about 40% as much as smoking a conventional cigarettes and about 80% after 30 minutes of use."

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Understanding the Basic Economics of Tobacco Harm Reduction

Published on 2016-08-24 10:38:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

I'm delighted to have persuaded Carl Phillips to write a paper for the IEA about tobacco harm reduction. As many readers will know, Carl's knowledge and experience in this area is second to none and he is a rarity in the world of 'public health' in that he understands economics. As he said to City AM yesterday...

“Public health people are notoriously economically illiterate. Most of the nonsense in the policy discussion, on all sides, stems from ignoring economics,” said Phillips.
In his discussion paper Understanding the Basic Economics of Tobacco Harm Reduction, Carl looks at nicotine use from the perspective of welfare economics. This is how all other product use is normally looked at, but because most of the people involved in tobacco control have peculiar views, such as the belief that a billion people smoke as a result of some sort of demonic possession rather because they enjoy it, nicotine is usually excluded from conventional cost-benefit analysis.

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Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is Apparently Indoctrinating Youth to Lie About E-Cigarettes and Downplay the Health Hazards of Smoking

Published on 2016-08-23 10:35:00.
Website: The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary

According to an article in the Arizona Daily Star, a youth tobacco control advocate is going around telling other youth that vaping can kill you. He is quoted as stating:

“Many think it’s just water vapor when really there’s nicotine, and nicotine is known to be an addictive chemical — it’s a natural pesticide and if your body takes in enough of it, it can kill you.”

The Rest of the Story

The story of a random youth from Arizona spreading false information about the risks of vaping would not ordinarily make headlines at the Rest of the Story. But when I first started reading this article, something struck me as odd. It seemed unbelievable that an intelligent 16-year-old high school student would, on his own, come to the conclusion that vaping can be fatal because nicotine is a "pesticide" and inhaling too much nicotine could cause death. It seemed especially odd when I reasoned that this youth is not exactly seeing his peers drop dead left and right from too much vaping. Also, the line about e-cigarettes delivering more than just water vapor sounded a bit too familiar. Without reading any further in the article, I came to the immediate conclusion that this must be a youth who was indoctrinated by an anti-smoking group.

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That Canadian minimum pricing claim

Published on 2016-08-22 17:46:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

From the Journal (Ireland), a pleasing rarity - a journalist who knows how to assess evidence. It all started with a clueless/lying politician...

"Minimum unit pricing has been proven to work, in British Columbia in Canada, for example. When they introduced it, they found, when they did the research that there were less deaths from…drinking, and there were less hospital admissions."
This is one of the most audacious lies I've ever come across in 'public health' and that is not a claim I make lightly. It started life in a ludicrous study from that old crank Tim Stockwell and has been repeated ad nauseum ever since.

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The silly, silly sugar levy

Published on 2016-08-22 12:29:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

I've been looking carefully at the details of the proposed UK sugar levy and have written up my conclusions in a short IEA briefing paper. It is a truly perverse and counterproductive idea which will cost the government more than it yields and will have little effect in incentivising reformulation because the reformulation has already taken place.

Here's the executive summary...

In March 2016, George Osborne announced a ‘sugar levy’ on soft drink companies to start in April 2018. Under this policy, companies will be taxed on sales of medium and high sugar drinks (excluding fruit juice and milk-based drinks).

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An Outbreak Of Common Sense In Ireland

Published on 2016-08-21 19:19:00.
Website: Dick Puddlecote

Once you buy the argument that some segment of the citizenry should lose their rights, just because they are envied or resented, you are putting your own rights in jeopardy - quite aside from undermining any moral basis for respecting anybody's rights. You are opening the floodgates to arbitrary power. And once you open the floodgates, you can't tell the water where to go. - Thomas Sowell, 2010Yes I know Sunday night is bath night, but you might find an article published today in the Irish Independent equally soothing. You see, I've read opinion pieces before which I've thought make good points, but I can't recall a time where I've agreed with absolutely every word!

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New Study Purports to Show that E-Cigs are a Gateway to Smoking, But Provides No Evidence to Support that Conclusion

Published on 2016-08-20 12:23:00.
Website: The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary

A new study published yesterday in the journal Tobacco Control purports to show that e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking. The study followed 1,136 nonsmoking youth in grades 9 to 11 in Hawaii for one year to determine which youth initiated smoking during this follow-up period. Baseline surveys were conducted in 2013, and follow-up surveys were conducted in 2014. Rates of smoking initiation were compared between youths who had used e-cigarettes at baseline and those who had not used e-cigarettes. The study found that youths who had used e-cigarettes were significantly more likely to initiate smoking and that this association was stronger for youth who had a lower propensity to start smoking. Based on that finding, it concluded that e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking.

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Published on 2016-08-19 13:47:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

The fall out from the obesity strategy continues with Action on Sugar now telling the government that they should listen to big business.

Gov. even ignores retailers. @sainsburys 'We need compulsory and measured targets...nothing less will work' #obesity https://t.co/JAW39EhhND— Action On Sugar (@actiononsugar) August 19, 2016
This is because the CEO of Sainsbury's has written a letter to The Times asking the government to bring in legal restrictions on the use of salt, sugar and fat 'across the whole food and drink industry'. It's a staggering thing to request and is a classic example of industry trying to use regulation to get an advantage at the expense of the public. Or maybe he knows it won't happen and is counting on some good publicity. Either way, I hope his business tanks and he gets thrown out on his ear.

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There's no pleasing some people

Published on 2016-08-18 10:45:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

Unacceptable that we've now reached Summer Recess and the Childhood Obesity Strategy has still not been published.https://t.co/DOHAoMMoeY— Andrew Gwynne MP (@GwynneMP) July 21, 2016
So the Government publishes Childhood Obesity Strategy in summer recess when MPs can't question its lack of ambitionhttps://t.co/AhJjR08qAl— Andrew Gwynne MP (@GwynneMP) August 17, 2016
As predicted yesterday, the 'public health' racket are engaging in a massive fit of faux-outrage today as a result of the government not capitulating to all of their ridiculous demands. At least I hope it's faux-outrage. It certainly should be. The anti-sugar nuts have achieved more than they could possibly have dreamed of a year ago, as I say in my new post for Spectator Health. Do have a read of it.

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Johns Hopkins Physician and Vaping Opponent Urges Parents to Lie to their Kids About the Hazards of Smoking

Published on 2016-08-18 09:59:00.
Website: The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary

A physician with the Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, who is apparently a strong opponent of vaping, has advised parents to lie to their children about the hazards of smoking in order to dissuade them from using electronic cigarettes. Specifically, she urges parents to downplay the hazards of smoking so that kids will think that vaping is just as dangerous as smoking and will therefore avoid it at all cost.

According to a post on the hospital web site: "E-cigarettes may appear to be a safer way to smoke, but they are just as dangerous for children. ... Scientists are just beginning to see the dangerous effects of vaping, such as cancer. ... If parents use these products, they are strongly recommended to quit and keep all smoking accessories out of reach, especially for younger children. “Most importantly, parents should talk to their children about the dangers and harmful side effects of e-cigarettes and others drugs,” says Dr. Dawkins. “Parents should also consider vaping just as dangerous as smoking cigarettes when talking to their teens about the dangers of tobacco use and smoking.”"

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ASH Scotland Update: E-Cigs Still Banned Outdoors

Published on 2016-08-17 18:25:00.
Website: Dick Puddlecote

In June last year I wrote about a daft and unnecessary outdoor ban on smoking and vaping at Guy's and St Thomas' hospitals in London which was endorsed by ASH on Twitter.

As I commented at the time ...
Yes, that's the 'vaper's friend', ASH, gleefully telling the world about how vapers are to be told to get orff the land they have paid taxes to build, maintain and run, by people whose salaries they fund. Along with the smokers who have already been deemed sub-human by repulsive ASH-driven policies. Still, I'm sure the 'vaper's friend' will be behind the scenes working hard to get this ban lifted. Won't they? Well actually, no.Even though I say so myself, it appears that was rather prescient of me. You see, ASH Scotland gave us something of an update to the story in their daily bulletin yesterday.

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The lunatics in charge of the asylum

Published on 2016-08-17 09:47:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

The fanatics are running the show in Scotland, as The Drum reports...

Scottish government officials will meet with the Advertising Association (AA) and Portman Group to outline their plans for reforms to alcohol advertising. But the real question likely to be on the minds of those representing advertisers is why a committee advising the government on those reforms is made up almost entirely of temperance campaigners.
You may recall something similar happening with the committee put together by the Chief Medical Officer to discuss the risible new drinking guidelines.

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Snobs, Fanatics, Extremists and Trolls

Published on 2016-08-16 18:55:00.
Website: Dick Puddlecote

There is a very good reason that I have utter contempt for health nazis, as I have described a few times before. To the vast majority of us MacGregor is a crank who makes shit up about his personal irrational prejudice about a pretty minor problem because he's a revolting, froth-mouthed cocksnorter of biblical proportion, but when heard by fellow gut-wrenchingly repellent snobs, it's an invitation to be the most vile they can be.The MacGregor referred to is a certifiable lunatic who used to run Campaign for Action on Salt and now runs Action on Sugar. His campaigns rely on the bigotry of the most odious in society and are based on nothing more than snobbery, as I described when I wrote that piece about Osborne's announcement of a sugar tax.Osborne didn't usher in any new success for 'public health' yesterday - for the simple fact that a sugar tax has never worked and, as admitted by those who favour it, never will - but he certainly delivered multiple orgasms to the most deranged and repugnant in our country; the type you would hide behind the sofa to pretend you were out if you saw them park outside your house. If pandering to the vile and intolerant was the purpose, the upper class boy Osborne did exceptionally! He enthralled his fellow pompous and snooty middle class minions and stuck it to the less well off good, so he did.This latent food snobbery was evident in April too when the awesome Tom Harris ripped into Labour for banning McDonald's from its party conference. Snobbery towards McDonald’s is nothing new on the British Left. You only have to mention their name on Twitter to provoke a deluge of self-righteous comments from people living in London who wouldn’t dream of letting little Marcus or Louisa sink their perfectly aligned incisors into a Big Mac or a McChicken Sandwich.Yes, because snobbery is the only driver behind the disgust for McDonald's. Their menu is far healthier than most of the artisanal local restaurants favoured by the elite and the connected. It's just that those unwashed chavs like to eat in it, innit.
But just as sinister nosy curtain-twitchers will always try to pretend that their compulsion to insert themselves into the lives of others is somehow altruistic, the nauseating 'public health' lobby will always try to pretend that their teen ideology-driven hatred of popular businesses like McDonald's is based purely on health ... which is bollocks, quite frankly, as Harris highlighted.Lastly, there’s the handy, media-friendly excuse for stopping McDonald’s having access to delegates when they meet in September under Labour’s banner in Liverpool: health. That a Big Tasty with bacon and an extra large side of fries followed by a Cadbury’s Caramel McFlurry is not classed as health food will be as big a shock to diners as the revelation that the Pope does not practice the Protestant faith.  But to defend the existence of McDonald’s in our local High Street is to invite accusations of being an enabler of childhood obesity. It’s not up to poor, ignorant parents to tell their kids “No” when they ask for a Happy Meal; rather, it is up to McDonald’s themselves to offer only non-fried, non-meat-based, non-tasty food, probably in a safe space

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Vaping Opponents Continue to Just Make Up the "Facts"

Published on 2016-08-16 11:53:00.
Website: The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary

In apparent desperation because the actual facts do not support their vigorous opposition to vaping, anti-vaping advocates continue to simply make up the "facts" as they go along.

Just last week, a professor at Eastern Tennessee State University was quoted in an article in the Johnson City Press as stating that the increase in youth e-cigarette use means that vaping is bringing in new smokers.

According to the article: "Dr. Hadii Mamudu, an East Tennessee State University assistant professor in the school’s College of Public Health, is a world-wide recognized expert on this topic. One of his biggest evidence-based concerns, which have been somewhat addressed in the new regulations, pertain to the unsettling trend that more youth are taking to e-cigarette use, whereas they might not have come into tobacco use otherwise. “A North Carolina survey suggests that youth use rates increased from 1.1 percent to about 8 percent between just 2011 and 2013,” Mamudu said. “It’s very, very quick. And that’s troubling that it’s bringing in new smokers.” ... It’s partly generational, Mamudu said, and it’s frustrating that when tobacco experts were making progress against tobacco use in recent decades, e-cigarettes came along to cut into their gains."

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Tabac : une putasserie médicale visant les pauvres !

Published on 2016-08-15 21:46:20.
Website: Accueil


Tabac : une putasserie médicale visant les pauvres !

On aura tout vu en matière de pratiques honteuses et mensongères pour décourager les fumeurs de tabac : l'évocation de la prétendue « fumée passive létale » déjà propagée à l'époque par un Troisième Reich épris de « purification »; la prétendue réduction spectaculaire des journées d'hôpitaux aux HUG, annoncée à son de cor à Genève suite à l'interdiction de fumer dans tous les lieux publics; la propagande pour le "Champix », médicament sur ordonnance,  hallucinogène et suicidogène au point où, aux Etats-Unis, le laboratoire Pfizer a dû dédommager 2000 victimes de cette molécule toxique ; les statistiques délibérément ou accidentellement manipulées...et l'on en passe !

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Craving An Indian Feast

Published on 2016-08-15 19:58:00.
Website: Dick Puddlecote

I'm sure many of you, like me, will be eagerly looking forward to the next instalment of the moveable comedy feast that is the WHO's 'Conference of the Parties' (COP).

You may remember we had a hell of a lot of fun two years ago when COP6 was held in Moscow. Well, this year's barking bansturbator beano is taking place in New Delhi in November and is already shaping up to be even more laughable than the last!

As Snowdon noted the other day, HuffPo has offered us an hors d'oeuvre by reporting on how the FCTC's endemic neuroticism is creating hilarious outcomes that even we, who realise how absolutely crackers they are, couldn't possibly have expected.

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FDA Bans Safety Improvements in E-Cigarettes and American Lung Association Supports this Unprecedented Regulatory Blunder

Published on 2016-08-15 10:37:00.
Website: The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary

Last Monday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) committed one of the most bone-headed blunders I have ever witnessed in public health. The agency's Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) banned all safety improvements for electronic cigarettes and vaping products.

This means that e-cigarette and e-liquid manufacturers can make no further improvements in the safety of their products, even if they become aware of severe and potentially life-threatening product defects.

NOTE: This is not a parody, and you are not reading The Onion. This is the actual regulation that the FDA put into effect on August 8th.

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WHO bans whole countries from its jamboree

Published on 2016-08-12 15:31:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

The WHO's latest clandestine tobacco control meeting is due to take place in New Delhi in November. Readers may recall that the last shindig (in Moscow) saw a blanket ban on everybody from Interpol to the media - not to mention industry and the public - attending a conference that is paid for by the taxpayer and aims to change government policy.

According to the Huffington Post, the WHO's paranoid obsession with secrecy and censorship will plumb new depths in India as they intend to ban whole nations from attending...

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Ekelschutz-Produkte für Spender erhältlich

Published on 2016-08-11 21:38:28.
Website: Netzwerk Rauchen e.V.

Aufkleber und Dosenbanderolen vom Netzwerk

Es gibt viele gute Gründe, dem Netzwerk Rauchen e.V. eine Spende zukommen zu lassen. Wir engagieren uns seit 10 Jahren ehrenamtlich für freien Rauchgenuss und gegen Diskriminierung. Wir sind keinen Geldgebern verpflichtet, die unsere Unabhängigkeit gefährden könnten. Wir publizieren zahlreiche Informationen, die die einseitigen Massenmedien Ihnen vorenthalten. Und und und…

Jetzt kommt noch ein Grund hinzu: Wer eine kleine Spende ans Netzwerk leistet, erhält auf Wunsch als Dankeschön ein Ekelschutzset seiner Wahl (siehe unten). Das Sammelalbum „Schachtelteufel“ haben wir schon im Mai präsentiert, jetzt kommen fünf Motive von Überklebern hinzu, die man auf die neuen Zigarettenpackungen kleben kann, um sich vor dem unschönen Anblick der Ekelbilder zu schützen. Außerdem Banderolen, die zum gleichen Zweck auf Dosen mit losem Tabak geklebt werden können. Diese liegen in zwei Designs und in drei verschiedenen Größen vor.

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Pretend Harm Reductionists

Published on 2016-08-10 17:45:00.
Website: Dick Puddlecote

Having been busy, I only yesterday read an excellent article published by Carl Phillips on Friday. This section in particular is very well drawn on the subject of harm reduction (emphases mine).
But notice that the IHRA/HRI definition — and that of anyone else who really believes in harm reduction — refers to also reducing the “economic” (read: financial) and social costs of drug use. In the case of tobacco use, as with many drugs, the great majority of the financial and social costs come not from the drug use itself, but from government actions. Smoking is expensive because of taxes and restrictions on the free flow of goods. More social harms from smoking are caused by government restrictions than by the act itself. Unlike with illicit drugs, few people are imprisoned or executed over tobacco (though not none), but unavoidable punitive taxes are not necessarily less harmful than rolling the dice on a small chance of getting arrested. And yet, many people who fancy themselves supporters of tobacco harm reduction actively support most of those caused harms. They actively support punitive taxes on cigarettes, social opprobrium heaped on smokers, prohibitions against publicans being able to offer smoking sections, etc. Indeed, those individuals often celebrate or advocate for the caused harms because they create further incentives for the only aspect of harm reduction they actually support, switching products. It reminds me of the Orwellian themes of about half the anti-smoking propaganda I see these days: “Quit because it is so expensive and forces you to take breaks from hanging with your friends!” Um, yeah, and whose fault is that? It is the same as those messages of “if you smoke weed, you might lose your student financial aid and future employment prospects, so don’t go saying it is not bad for you!” Needless to say, you will never hear a peep of condemnation of this hypocritical “concern” for users’ well-being from the faux supporters of harm reduction. The bottom line is simple: Anyone who supports punishing smokers does not actually believe in tobacco harm reduction. None of those “but for the greater good we need to

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