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Private Or Public

Published on 2016-07-29 23:10:53.
Website: Frank Davis

I came across a cartoon in the Economist today… …under which was written: The conventions highlighted a new political faultline: not between left and right, but between open and closed… Across Europe, the politicians with momentum are those who argue that … Continue reading →

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Ridiculous comparisons (part two)

Published on 2016-07-29 11:12:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

On Wednesday I mentioned the tendency of 'public health' folk to compare their ample budgets with a completely unrelated number. In that instance, it was Yoni Freedhof comparing the cost of a single cancer research programme to the combined marketing budgets of US food companies. What point was he making? God only knows.

I thought that was a particularly silly example, but you can always count on Stanton Glantz to up the ante...

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Wait Till November

Published on 2016-07-28 23:11:35.
Website: Frank Davis

Following on from last night’s post about the paralysis of EU leaders in the face of Islamic terrorism, a timely essay by former Reagan Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts might shed some light on it all: World War II … Continue reading →

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The Thoughts Of Chairman Dave

Published on 2016-07-28 17:31:00.
Website: Dick Puddlecote

No doubt encouraged by the modern hysterical cult of 'public health', David Aaronovitch wrote a particularly anti-social piece in The Times today on that, erm, 'ever-increasing' obesity 'epidemic'.

Employing a whole host of fellacious arguments (I didn't spell that wrong, it's derived from the latin word fellatio, because they suck) including how 'unhealthy' food should be treated as dictatorially as smoking, he suggests a raft of snobby, finger-wagging policies.

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FDA Claims It Is Protecting Public Health by Keeping Slightly Altered Cigarettes Off the Market

Published on 2016-07-28 10:44:00.
Website: The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary

Earlier this month, the FDA's Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) denied a substantially equivalent order for Maverick Menthol Silver Box 100s cigarettes. This means that this cigarette brand can no longer be marketed and sold in the U.S. By definition, a "not substantially equivalent" order means that the FDA has deemed that the product raises different questions of public health than cigarette brands already on the market in 2007.

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Offices are the new smoking

Published on 2016-07-28 08:17:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

 The Lancet has published a meta-analysis looking at the effect of exercise on sedentary lifestyles. It's been rather sensationally reported (see above - the study doesn't actually mention working in an office), but the gist is this...

In the study, participants, mostly aged over 45, were classed by their levels of physical activity – from up to five minutes a day to more than an hour – and by the amount of time spent seated.

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The European Project Is Dead

Published on 2016-07-27 23:06:18.
Website: Frank Davis

Something I noticed a day or so back: Jean-Claude Juncker has vowed that no matter how bad terrorism or the migrant crisis gets, the European Union (EU) will never give up on open borders. The European Commission president said terrorism … Continue reading →

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Weird beliefs about advertising

Published on 2016-07-27 12:12:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

A bit of dada free association at the Weighty Matters blog...

Did you hear about the "Cancer Moonshot 2020"?

In their words,
"The Cancer MoonShot 2020 Program is one of the most comprehensive cancer collaborative initiatives launched to date, seeking to accelerate the potential of combination immunotherapy as the next generation standard of care in cancer patients."And so what's the cost of this ambitious program over the course of the next 5 years?

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Study Demonstrates Low Health Risks Associated with "Secondhand Vapor" from E-Cigarettes

Published on 2016-07-27 10:23:00.
Website: The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary

A study published in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research demonstrates that "secondhand vapor" from e-cigarettes poses very little risk to bystanders.

(See: Czogala J, et al. Secondhand exposure to vapors from electronic cigarettes. Nicotine & Tobacco Research 2014; 16(6):655-662.)

The study methods were as follows: "We measured selected airborne markers of secondhand exposure: nicotine, aerosol particles (PM(2.5)), carbon monoxide, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in an exposure chamber. We generated e-cigarette vapor from 3 various brands of e-cigarette using a smoking machine and controlled exposure conditions. We also compared secondhand exposure with e-cigarette vapor and tobacco smoke generated by 5 dual users."

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Published on 2016-07-26 23:13:49.
Website: Frank Davis

Does anyone know what’s happening to the UK Labour party? It seems to me to be in process of terminal disintegration. They had an acrimonious leadership election after the general election last year, and they’re having another one in the … Continue reading →

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It's not just Prince George who lives off public money

Published on 2016-07-26 16:46:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

This charmer from the third sector has decided to have a pop at a three year old boy...

Charity Boss' Prince George Comments Probed
A senior British Council employee is being investigated after allegedly criticising Prince George for living "on public money".
Angela Gibbins, head of global estates at the charity - of which the Queen is a patron - was reported to have commented on a Facebook picture of the three-year-old Prince captioned: "Prince George already looks like a f****** d***head".

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Published on 2016-07-25 23:06:35.
Website: Frank Davis

Following on from last night’s post, I’ve been collating a few media reports on the alcohol-causes-7-types-of-cancer story. ctvnews: Alcohol causes 7 kinds of cancer, study concludes Alcohol is a direct cause of seven forms of cancer. Tough words to swallow, … Continue reading →

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FDA's Convoluted Response to a Simple Question Shows How Arbitrary, Capricious, and Inane the Deeming Regulations Are

Published on 2016-07-25 10:45:00.
Website: The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary

Someone shared with me the actual reply they received from the FDA in response to a very simple question:

"Are e-cigs that do not contain nicotine (or any other tobacco extracts) also covered by the FDA deeming regulations?  If so, will they also require pre-market approval like products that do contain nicotine?"

This seems like a simple and straightforward question that could and should be able to be answered with a simple "yes" or "no." After all, if e-cigarettes do not contain nicotine then there is no basis for the FDA to assert jurisdiction over them as tobacco products. Therefore, these nicotine-free e-liquids would not be subject to the pre-market approval requirements.

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From Turkey Twizzlers to Chicken Nuggets

Published on 2016-07-25 09:24:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

Turkey Twizzlers are fondly remembered by a generation who have never forgiven Jamie Oliver for getting them banned in schools. That was a decade ago and Oliver's contempt for frozen processed meat products has now been softened by his one true love: money.

As the founder of a self-styled “food revolution”, Jamie Oliver has made a career of encouraging families to cook “fresh, real food”.

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Hey PHE, Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Published on 2016-07-23 19:45:00.
Website: Dick Puddlecote

Earlier this week I touched upon PHE's new 'guidelines' on vaping in workplaces and public spaces.

Well, since then the government's prime 'public health' advisory body - for it is they - has tweeted a clarification of some of the wording they were using.

@brainyfurball 1/3 We’re clear that vaping is not smoking, and they should not be treated the same

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Great Article on Vaping

Published on 2016-07-22 18:44:00.
Website: The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary

This is one of the best articles on vaping that I've read. It makes a difference to have a young person's perspective because they are in the best position to have insight into the nature of smoking and vaping behavior among their peers.

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The study that isn't

Published on 2016-07-22 15:30:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

Hop over to Spectator Health to see what I have to say about this bullshit (above).

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Aseem Malhotra's fitness video

Published on 2016-07-22 09:31:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

Consistent with my predictions about his career trajectory, purveyor of low quality nutritional advice, Aseem Malhotra, has made a diet video.

It's yours to own for just $19.99. That's about $19.98 more than I am prepared to pay but there is a trailer to watch for free in which Malhotra writes down ingredients in a Mediterranean restaurant and calls it the Mediterranean diet. He also takes part in some amusing physical activities.

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CDC Bemoans Failure to Decrease Overall Alcohol Product Use among Teens, Despite Large Decline in Current Drinking

Published on 2016-07-21 12:39:00.
Website: The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the prevalence of current drinking among high school students has declined dramatically in the past decade and a half, dropping from 50.0% in 1999 to 34.9% in 2013. One would think that would be cause for celebration. However, the CDC is telling the public that despite this decline in drinking among youth, overall use of alcohol products has stayed the same.

The Office on Alcohol and Health issued a statement yesterday, arguing that the recent declines in youth drinking have been undermined and offset by an increase in the use of new and emerging types of alcohol product use. These products, which look just like traditional alcohol drinks and are consumed in a similar way, threaten the public's health according to CDC because they look like traditional alcohol drinks and are therefore re-normalizing drinking and serving as a gateway to traditional alcohol use.

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Vitamin D tablets for all

Published on 2016-07-21 09:11:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

After years of being told to avoid sunlight and red meat, we are now being told to take pills to prevent a disease that can be avoided by getting some sun and eating red meat.

Everyone should consider taking vitamin D supplements in autumn and winter, public health advice in England and Wales says.
This is to avoid rickets, a disease that was pretty much wiped out by good nutrition in post-war Britain but which has recently made a comeback. Five years ago, a doctor in sunny Southampton commented on the rise in new cases...

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The Problem With 'Public Health'

Published on 2016-07-20 21:42:00.
Website: Dick Puddlecote

2016 is still proving to be the most busy and stressful year that I can ever remember (albeit in a good way), and I do still intend to refer to Rod Liddle's excellent speech at the Freedom Dinner last week at some point as promised, but I can't help but comment on this while I have some time.

Yesterday, by total chance, I managed to hear Martin Dockrell of Public Health England on radio 5 live speaking about the new guidelines his organisation has produced on vaping in the workplace. (You can listen to it here from 41:45 onwards).

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Groundbreaking Research Finds that Products which are Cool and New Appeal to Youths

Published on 2016-07-20 01:11:00.
Website: The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary

Anti-Vaping Advocate Says this Finding Adds to Evidence that E-Cigs are a Gateway to Youth Use of Tobacco Products

A groundbreaking study published yesterday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal presents the shocking finding that youth are drawn to products that are new and cool and that this is why they find electronic cigarettes appealing.

The study, which involved a survey asking Ontario youth why they find e-cigarettes appealing, reported the startling finding that a major reason for youth e-cigarette experimentation is that they like "engaging in seemingly exciting new behaviours." The paper's final conclusion was that: "Adolescents in this population appear to be motivated by the appeal of trying something new."

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Physician Recommends Against Quitting Smoking for Smokers Who Do Not Want to Use NRT or Cessation Drugs; Hides Conflict of Interest

Published on 2016-07-19 10:24:00.
Website: The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary

An article in the Annals of Family Medicine argues that smokers who do not wish to use nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), varenicline, or other drugs should be counseled by their physicians not to quit smoking. Specifically, these patients should not be encouraged to try to quit using e-cigarettes. Moreover, the article scares physicians into thinking that if they do encourage smoking cessation via e-cigarettes, they are putting themselves into legal danger.

According to the lead author - Dr. Adam Goldstein of the University of North Carolina - e-cigarettes are dangerous and have not shown to be helpful in smoking cessation and should therefore not be recommended to patients. If they are recommended, he argues, physicians face legal risks:

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Greenpeace and the bus of truth

Published on 2016-07-18 12:18:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

From the BBC...

Vote Leave's EU referendum bus has been hired by Greenpeace, which plans to rebrand it a "vehicle for truth".
The environmental group has parked the double-decker at Westminster.

It will cover the bus, which featured the controversial claim leaving the EU could boost the NHS by £350m a week, with questions for the government.
This bus has taken on a mythical status amongst the sore losers of the Remain campaign. Undoubtedly the £350 million a week figure was extremely misleading and should never have been used, but it is extremely doubtful whether using the correct figure (of £250 million or £188 million, depending on how you look at it) would have made any Leave voters switch to Remain. Indeed, one of the problems Remain voters had when debunking the £350 million figure was that voters tended to think that whatever the real figure was, it was a hell of a lot of money.

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Altria Urges Changes in FDA E-Cigarette Regulations that Would Decrease Its Share of Vaping Market and Help Save Many Smaller Manufacturers

Published on 2016-07-18 10:24:00.
Website: The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary

In a move that casts serious doubt on anti-tobacco groups' maligning of the motives of the tobacco companies in marketing vaping products, Altria Client Services, on behalf of Nu Mark (the maker of Mark Ten e-cigarettes), has submitted comments to the FDA that blast its pre-market tobacco application (PMTA) requirements for e-cigarettes, arguing that these requirements are unduly burdensome, unnecessary, and beyond the scope of the agency's jurisdiction under the Tobacco Control Act.

In the comments, Altria Client Services expresses particular concern that the burdensome PMTA requirements will force many manufacturers out of business, undermining the Tobacco Control Act's public health goals.

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Theresa May and the nanny state

Published on 2016-07-15 09:45:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

The Morning Advertiser asked me to write a comment piece about Theresa May's attitude to pubs. You can read it here.

The headline is...

"On nanny state issues, she is surprisingly sound" - IEA's Snowdon on Theresa May

This will probably come back to haunt me, so let me get my excuses in early.

Given Theresa May's woeful record on civil liberties I would have expected her to support every nanny state policy in the book. The fact that she was opposed to minimum pricing and voted against banning smoking in cars is therefore surprising.

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A Day With The Doctors

Published on 2016-07-14 20:52:00.
Website: Dick Puddlecote

Having been incredibly busy recently with Puddlecote Inc stuff, it was quite refreshing to have managed to take in two events this week instead of biting fingernails over delivering our new contract.

On Tuesday I attended the Freedom Dinner and witnessed a superbly entertaining speech by Rod Liddle, I'll be writing about that soon but for now I really must describe a very encouraging event that took place at the Royal Society of Medicine yesterday afternoon.

Before you say anything, yes, the Royal Society of Medicine, and it really wasn't that bad. The subject matter was the regulation of pleasure and it comprised a number of speakers in different fields talking to an audience of medical types about substances which would usually horrify them.

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Op-Ed Explains Why FDA Deeming Regulations are Nonsensical

Published on 2016-07-14 11:07:00.
Website: The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary

My op-ed, published yesterday in BU Today, explains why the FDA e-cigarette deeming regulations are nonsensical.

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FDA Botched Cost-Benefit Analysis of Its E-Cigarette Deeming Regulations

Published on 2016-07-13 14:24:00.
Website: The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary

After reviewing the declaration of Nicopure Labs'  CEO Jeff Stamler in its lawsuit against the FDA, I have concluded that the FDA completely botched its cost-benefit analysis of the e-cigarette deeming regulations, drastically underestimating the costs of the regulations and without even attempting to quantify the benefits.

As such, this represents a violation of the Administrative Procedures Act, providing strong grounds for the D.C. District Court to overturn the regulations.

In its declaration, Nicopure reveals that it has 2,400 stock keeping units (SKUs), including e-liquids, vaporizers, and component parts. This means that in order to keep its products on the market, Nicopure will have two years to complete 2,400 pre-market tobacco applications (PMTAs), each of which is estimated by the FDA itself to cost approximately $300,000 and to require 1,500 hours to complete.

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Vitamin C and another drug may combine to limit smoking’s assault on lungs

Published on 2016-07-12 16:46:00.
Website: Jredheadgirl

 ...an interesting turn away from the anti-harm reduction/quit or die rhetoric that we have grown accustomed to hearing from proponents of health:

Treatment with vitamin C and the nitric oxide synthase inhibitor
decreased the expression of nitric oxide synthases to levels comparable
to the control animals. This means that the joint treatment returned the
expression of these proteins to almost the same levels seen in tissues
that haven’t been exposed to cigarette smoke. In fact, treated animals
had a decrease in whole-lung nitric oxide generation from between 59 and

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Eating Corn Flakes is Half as Dangerous as Smoking, According to Reasoning of Anti-Vaping Researchers

Published on 2016-07-12 12:02:00.
Website: The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary

Based on evidence that chemicals often found in e-cigarette aerosol produce endothelial dysfunction and decreased arterial compliance, Dr. Aruni Bhatnagar of the University of Louisville has concluded that e-cigarettes are no safer than real cigarettes, and Dr. Stan Glantz has argued that vaping is up to half as dangerous as smoking. Both of these anti-vaping researchers reasoned that since the dose-response relationship between smoking and cardiovascular disease is non-linear and risk saturates at rather low levels of exposure, and since e-cigarettes contain chemicals that can cause acute cardiovascular injury, vaping is therefore not much safer than (Glantz) or no safer than (Bhatnagar) smoking.

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Public Health England and vaping bans

Published on 2016-07-12 09:29:00.
Website: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

The UK government may have a relatively enlightened view of e-cigarettes, but many businesses have banned vaping of their own accord. You would think that pubs had suffered enough from the smoking ban to not want to voluntarily alienate another group of customers and yet some of the PubCos have opted for a vaping ban all the same (although staff often turn a blind eye).

It has to be said that a handful of vapers ruin it for everyone by cloud chasing with high powered devices in confined spaces. It would be a shame if indoor vaping bans become the norm thanks to a few idiots making a nuisance of themselves, but most of the time vaping annoys no one because it is barely noticeable, and it is ridiculous that outdoor sporting venues such as the Oval and Silverstone have banned e-cigarette use.

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