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World Conference in The Hague - March 15

15th January 2010

The International Coalition Against Prohibition (TICAP) will hold its second world Conference on March the 15th, 2010. Unfortunately, the denormalization of smoking and certain types of drinking/eating behaviors comes at the expense of many citizens' rights and it sets a very dangerous precedent, along with causing immediate and devastating economic repercussions, especially for the hospitality sector.

The conference "Are Guests Welcome? Prohibition and the Hospitality Industry", will be held at Nieuwspoort Press Centre in The Hague.. Subjects presented for discussion at the gathering will include: smoking bans and alcohol and food regulation and its the impact on hospitality businesses, scientific fraud and the politics of prohibition. Among the speakers will be a the reformed anti-tobacco campaigner and actor David Goerlitz, and the world’s leading expert on waterpipe smoking, Dr. Kamal Chaouachi.
TICAP consists of more than 25 organizations from all over the world who share
the conviction that prohibitions are a threat to democracy and a free
society. Once an individual's right to choose is eliminated, special
interests are enriched and state intrusion is tremendously augmented.
With this conference, TICAP intends to lay the foundations of an active,
world-wide opposition to the expansion of a political trend that uses questionable science and public health institutions as vehicles to control citizens.
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