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In memory of Gian Turci

A Freedom Fighter

Gian L. Turci (1950-2009) Founder of FORCES Canada, President of FORCES Italy, CEO of FORCES International, Member of the Executive Committ ee of Freedom2Choose, Director of TICAP. A convinced libertarian who sacrificed his life for the struggle against prohibition. We owe you so much. Rest in peace. Riposa in pace.

"On behalf of the Board of Directors of TICAP, I should like to convey our most sincere condolences to his family and above all to his son, daughter and wonderful wife Anne.
We should also like to pay tribute to Gian, who was not only our fellow director and beloved comrade-in-arms, but a formidable champion of liberty and a truly great man. We shall miss him sorely but his work will not be in vain for we shall continue the struggle against the forces of prohibition with renewed vigour and determination.
I hope that our readers will join with me in expressing their condolences. "
We shall never forget you, Gian. Shine on!"
John Gray (Chairman)
The International Coalition Against Prohibition (TICAP)

"'Death reminds us to celebrate life', said the undertaker, 'just remember to enjoy as freely and intensely as you can. How long it lasts, it doesn't matter, for it's just a lightning in the dark. Make it a bright one!'"
(Gian Turci about the death of his father in 1996)

His legacy

Articles by Gian Turci on FORCES International
Articles by Gian Turci on FORCES Italy

Round Tables on FORCES International hosted by Gian Turci
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Quotes about Gian Turci

“Gian Turci was both a Hero and Champion for causes no less important than those of individual liberty, truth, integrity, and fundamental justice.”
C.A.G.E, Canada

"Today exists an army of most particular activists.  There is no mistaking who it was that laid the groundwork for all else who followed. Gian Turci is the Father of Smokers' Rights."
Audrey Silk, NYC C.L.A.S.H.

“Gian was a great general in the fight to preserve individual liberty, but what may not be readily apparent is that he was also a kind and gentle person on an individual level.”
Dr. Michael Siegel, Professor at the Boston University School of Public Health

“As he wished, he died with his sword in hand, expiring one day after his brain hemorrhaged.  A few days prior he was, as always, firmly in harness, logically and methodically drawing up plans, prodding the lax, putting out fires and taking on yet more tasks.  He loved life and lived his own to the fullest.  A force such as he is rare, burning brightly but often too briefly.”
Andy Ludlow, FORCES International

“Gian fought for over a decade to get the truth out to as many as he could. He did not need faith, he did not have to believe. He knew. He knew that anti-tobacco is a house of straw. I am just so very sad that he won't be here to see it destroyed, totally and utterly.”
Colin Grainger, Freedom2Choose

“We can learn from Gian Turci that we must make sacrifices for our beloved freedom. That we have to fight the scientific and institutional corruption and not just its symptoms. That we need discipline, coordination and resources.”
Christoph Lövenich, TICAP

"Gian was my teacher when I first joined the international F/forces against smoking bans in 1999. He opened my eyes on what was really happening in that area. He made me become active in the Netherlands and helped me, with his comments and analyses, create a strong resistance here. One that is now so powerfull that it is severely challenging the authorities through lawsuits against the smoking ban. It's such a pity that he left this life too early to see the real effects of what he ignited."

Wiel Maessen, FORCES Netherlands/TICAP

Quotes by Gian Turci

"It is time to end the antitobacco problem. It is clear that any form of coexistence with antitobacco ideology is impossible – in America, in Europe, or anywhere else."
Article "Ending the Antitobacco Problem", January 28th, 2008

“So, smokers and liberty-loving pubs have a choice to make. As the stakes will certainly be raised, they either obey and submit or be prepared to go all the way, ignoring a mass media determined to show them that their fight is futile and that the “majority overwhelmingly supports” the smoking ban. What do I mean by “all the way”? I mean continue to defy the law. I mean NEVER patronize locales that obey that law. I mean make the life of antismokers everywhere as miserable as they try to make yours: remember that this is a war, not a debate. “The debate is over”. Antismokers said so. Let’s take them seriously.”
Article "In my personal opinion”, July 6th, 2007

“It is past time for a reversal of nannyism and a renaissance of libertarianism. It is past time for positive action toward positive results. Good men of principle do not obey laws that disrespect good men of principle. They fight back and change those laws.“
Article "Omniphobics and Zeromaniacs”, April 7th, 2008

“It is in the light of neo-totalitarianism that the tobacco control industry and contemporary public health must be seen. History has demonstrated that totalitarian models have failed in all their manifestations: Communism, Fascism, Nazism or gradations of those doctrines. Only one channel remains open for the advancement of those dogmatic ideologies: public health and its spin-off, environmentalism, as the environment affects health and humankind in general.”
Paper “Denying the undeniable”, December 2008

“We must cleanse our institutions of radical ideology and corruption, so that we and our children can exist in a free world. We must reassert that the ownership of our bodies and the government of our families and communities belongs to US – not to some European Commission or World Health Organization!”
Speech "I prepared a wonderful speech...", Brussels Conference, January 27th, 2009

Obituaries and tributes (text)

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Maryetta Ables: "Gian Turci 1950-2009". Speech at the 2nd World Conference against Prohibition, The Hague

Obituaries and tributes (video)

John H. Baker (Freedom2Choose): “Gian Turci, goodnight and god bless. 1950-2009"

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