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Is smoking a disease or a habit?
25th April 2011
On the 7th April 2011 I was invited to speak at the British Medical Journal’s debate on whether smoking is a disease (addiction) or a habit. Sponsored by Pfizer the other speakers were Chritianne Vink a Biological Psychologist who supported me, Alison Britton a lecturer in law from Caledonian University and Antonella Cardone,  Public Health Director, Global Smokefree Partnership Rome who were for wanting smoking to be classified as a disease. Some of it is in bullet form and not fully articulated but I hope you get the idea. Read More

Germany - Travelogue by TICAP director Atherton
12th October 2010
On my trip to Germany, and especially Bavaria where they have introduced a smoking ban, two myths about Germany can be nailed. The trains run on time, all of them left 5-10 minutes late, and the Germans have no sense of humour. They were like the English in someone saying something witty every 2-3 minutes.
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Truth, Lies, and Ice Cream
1st July 2010
Jacques Widmer of Les Dissidents de Geneve offers a French translation
of Michael J. McFadden's "Truth, Lies, and Ice Cream," an essay that
examines a number of the common lies and deceptions commonly used by
antismoking organizations in their efforts to promote smoking bans and
higher taxes. TICAP is grateful to Mr. Widmer for his work and to Les
Dissidents de Geneve for their continued efforts and support in our battle.
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World Conference in The Hague - March 15
15th January 2010
The International Coalition Against Prohibition (TICAP) will hold its second world Conference on March the 15th, 2010. Unfortunately, the denormalization of smoking and certain types of drinking/eating behaviors comes at the expense of many citizens' rights and it sets a very dangerous precedent, along with causing immediate and devastating economic repercussions, especially for the hospitality sector.
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Brussels Declaration on Scientific Integrity
7th December 2009
Leading scientists from across the globe are supporting the launch of The Brussels Declaration on Scientific Integrity, strongly upholding professional and scientific ethics above financial and political gain or personal ideology.

The Declaration is a Statement of Principles calling for the return to the Scientific Method as the guiding qualifier for the definition of a study as scientific. It centres around epidemiology and toxicology and covers topics such as alcohol, obesity and passive smoking.

John Gray of The International Coalition Against Prohibition (TICAP) states, “The Brussels Declaration was initiated during the successful
TICAP Conference of January 2009. It will pave the way for the return to the robustness and reliability of scientific integrity that is essential for the credibility of scientific institutions and general advancement of humanity.”
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